5 Ways to be productive amidst the global pandemic

The global situation is an opportunity to improve business processes and work habits

Michelle Aarons
5 min readJun 18, 2020


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The lockdowns and quarantines implemented worldwide to address the pandemic shouldn’t be an excuse to be unproductive. The stay-at-home orders are not meant to make everyone adopt eat-sleep-awake-repeat routines. There are many things you can do to be productive.

The pandemic is a severe problem that affects not only people’s health but also economies on a larger scale. It is expected to send the global economy into a recession. In the Southeast Asian region, the outlook is similarly bleak. Disruptions in the supply chains and the drastic reduction in market demand have adverse implications for ASEAN economies — even those that rely on overseas remittances.

Economic difficulties are impending (or already ongoing), so it’s not time to use the lockdowns as opportunities to do nothing but rest or relax. Things will not return to normal even after the lockdown orders are lifted. The economies of the world will struggle to recover, so it’s only logical to explore ways to prepare for the hard times ahead.

1. Optimize your workflow for telecommuting

Arguably the most important thing to consider in the midst of forced home quarantines is how to make money. Thankfully, with the help of technology, it’s possible to find income generation opportunities online.

Many companies are already adopting telecommuting arrangements for them to continue operating. Unfortunately, not all jobs are compatible with a remote work setup. Also, some of those who have been telecommuting in the past are forced to take a leave because their employers may be unable to operate regularly with all the disruptions caused by the pandemic. As such, they have to look for other ways to earn a living.

The good news is that there are still job opportunities for those who want to work online. Many are in the IT field, particularly those involving responsibilities in keeping online activities running, from customer/technical support to network administrators and cybersecurity specialists. There are also jobs for writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers…



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