Copywriter and digital marketer since 2005; I have ghostwritten on Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, and more. Friend, lover, mother, and cat momma.

Every day can be a productive day. Commit yourself and achieve your goals.

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Let’s start with the question of what is an unproductive day. This is when a whole day passes, where you haven’t accomplished anything that can prove to be fulfilling. This does not only pertain to work, however. You can still go through a day at home, relaxed, but still feeling…

“We were both young when I first saw you,” is perhaps a nod to fans reminiscing their journey with the singer-songwriter through her youth, career, and maturity as an artist

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In launching her own re-recording and new release of Love Story — along with the rest of the Fearless album from 2008 planned for this April — Taylor Swift is sticking it up to the man, so to speak.

Her old portfolio was acquired by music manager Scooter Braun —…

While things are undoubtedly challenging, it is more crucial than ever before to retain an optimistic mindset despite life’s many challenges

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A friend of mine was recently having issues with trying to stay on top of work and home related matters during the pandemic. He was confiding to me about everything he had to do, and I was trying to help him make the most out of what he had. It…

Can the iPhone 12 can go toe-to-toe with the best Android devices at present?

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No thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple had to debut the latest iteration of its famous smartphone with less than the regular fanfare and hoopla. The company managed to stage a physical event with limited attendants and somewhat muted coverage.

Unfortunately, one of the subsequent media releases about the latest…

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